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Interview – Ad Patres

Leestijd: 2 minuten

Toen de Franse death metal machine Ad Patres aan het begin van februari hun langverwachte langspeler uitbrachten, sloeg die plaat in als een bom. A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments, welke verscheen via Xenokorp, gaf een mooie reden om deze band weer te spreken.

1. You have just released your new record. Why did it take so long between the first and second record?

Main reason is because we took a lot of time to promote Scorn Aesthetics before even starting the writing process of A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN EXPERIMENTS. Second reason is that we have very busy lives and have always prioritized to use our “band time” on preparing live appearances over working on a new album. Last reason is also that we had some difficulties during last steps of the production that delayed the release. Anyway, we are glad as well as relieved that the record is finally out and we cant wait to blast the new songs on stage!

2.: What is the inspiration for this record?

Musically, our inspirations remain the same bands, mostly the big names from 90s american Death Metal such as Death, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, together with some more “modern-ish” influences like early Psycroptic, early Decapitated or Hate Eternal. Lyrically, the album very influenced by personal life, introspection and psychology. I always try to put lots of efforts of the quality of the lyrics even if it is barely earable, it contains many figures of speech and the writing process is some kind of an ordeal.

3.: Which human experiments are your favorite?

I would definitely pick musical therapy, electric shocks and introspection! Actually, any experiment that deals with an effort to dig within oneself whether it is psychologically or physically is a good experiment.

4.: What is in your opinion the difference between this record and the one back in 2012?

While working on A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN EXPERIMENTS, we were conscious of how we can actually sound, of what we are able of and also we had some extra confidence on the fact our approach is not vain and that we are not 5 isolated people thinking most musical trends in nowadays metal scene suck. I believe that extra confidence helped us make several steps further in the direction we initiated with our first release.

5.: What can we expect fomr Ad Patres now the record is released?

I think you can expect a good dose of live brutality, that’s what we are starving to deliver the most now. We hope to come back and play in The Netherlands as soon as possible. Fingers crossed we will also learn from our past experiments and will be more efficient to produce some new material.

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