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Interview met Einar Flaa

Onlangs kwam de uit Noorwegen afkomstige muzikant Einar Flaa de plaat Silent String uit. Die plaat gaf een mooie reden om een paar vragen aan hem te stellen.

WRR: ‘ Not every is familiar with Einar Flaa yet. Can you introduce yourself?

EF: ‘I’m now 42 years old, living in Oslo. I’ve been writing pretty much the same country/pop inspired music since I was 11-12 years old. My father was a folk singer, dooing a lot of protest songs. I was very inspired by that. Late 2018 I releaced my second solo album, a album focusing on global climate change. The album was recorded with help from famous musicians like Geir Sundstøl and Nikolay hængsle.’

WRR: ‘Your record is called ‘Silent String’. Can you explain the title?‘ 

EF: ‘Album title is taken from the book «silent spring» released in 1962. Author Rachel Carson was focusing on dying insects (by use of DDT), and how birds again was dying when the insects disappeared.’

WRR: ‘Your music has a lot of ‘nature’ in the themes. Why is this so inspiring to you? 

EF: ‘Global climate change is our biggest threat. I want to do what I can to help people realise it. My father’s protest songs also inspired me to do this project.’

WRR: ‘In what way your music will help the Earth and it’s environmental problems?’ 

EF: ‘People tend to listen to music across political borders. With this album I hope to reach people’s hearts, and not necessary their mind.’ 

WRR: ‘What are the plans for you now this record is released?’  

EF: ‘Continue to play the songs for people and telling them what this project is all about. Soon I will also start record again.’


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