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Sermon – Interview

Leestijd: 4 minuten

Onlangs kwam de Turkse metalband Sermon met Till Birth Do Us Part. Die plaat was de eerste van deze band, ondanks dat de groep al in de vorige eeuw is opgericht. Sermon was dan ook in 2004 uiteen gegaan om in 2021 pas weer een doorstart te maken. Dat heeft zijn vruchten afgeworpen. Daarom had White Room Reviews een interview met Sermon.

Het interview met Sermon gaat niet alleen over de band en over Till Birth Do Us Part. Het is sowieso al bijzonder dat er een metalband uit Turkije aan het licht komt. Er zijn er volop, maar het is voor hen niet altijd makkelijk om exposure te krijgen in andere landen. Wie weet is de nieuwe plaat van Sermon voor hen daar een mooi opstapje voor. Check hieronder het gesprek.


Het interview met Sermon

WRR: “Sermon started in 1997 and stopped in 2004. What was the reason to reform the band in 2021?”
S.: “After taking a break from music in 2004, I did nothing but continued my daily life.  But I did not stay away from the music market, I was following everything closely. Two close friends around me (one of them is Durmuş) convinced me to make Sermon active again and awakened my passion for making music and became inspiring for me to re-establish the band. Then, without wasting any time for Sermon to come back stronger, we started preparing the  new songs by creating a strong line-up and released the album.”

WRR: “What is the difference between the first period and now?”
S.: “Over the years, people mature intellectually and spiritually, and this influences their lives and everything they do. Since the 90s, there have been many changes in musical parameters and we have adapted to those changes musically. We tried to reveal our talents and ideas in music and to reflect them in our songs. We tried to create more original songs from the previous Sermon by creating more mature ideas besides the songs in the demos we have released earlier. And this has been an album that we have spent a lot of effort on every second and minute of it. That’s the difference.”

Death & doom

WRR: “Till Birth Do Us Part in very much influenced by the death and doom. What is used as inspiration for this record?”
S.: “Although the types of music we listen to have an impact on the songs we make, we always think of it as “Sermon” when we are writing songs. We always try to reflect this spirit. When we are writing new songs, we act with the ideas that inspire us. We are not only inspired by the music we listen to. Our feelings, what we read, what we feel about the positive and negative happenings we experience are also effective in our music.”

Turkije als metalland

WRR: “What is it like to be a metal band in Turkiye, because it is not a common metal country?”

S.: “Being a metal band in Turkey is quite difficult. We live in a country where the whole world looks at it from different eyes because of the geography we live in. Maybe because of our culture, maybe for political reasons, many people take an antipathetical stance towards our country. For this reason, I think that the bands in our country are not supported adequately in the world.”

“The political and economic developments in the world and in our country are putting too much pressure on us, and you cannot act as you want. While you are trying to fight for life on the one hand, you are trying to make music on the other. It is very difficult to balance these two. You don’t know which way to adapt.”

“The other big problem is that the perception of music in our country is not developed, and it still cannot make its presence felt completely, since it cannot place this music in people’s memories. There are still prejudices against metal music today. Because everyone wants to declare their own kingdom, very few people like each other truly and most people consider everyone else as worthless.”

“We have a scene that mostly takes down good and productive bands who are rising. We live in a really difficult country and we are trying to make music in a difficult country under these conditions.”


WRR: “What are the plans for Sermon now Till Birth Do Us Part is released?”
S.: “We want to play live in many countries to promote our album and our band, and to meet with those people who listen to us.”

De eerste langspeler van Sermon is uitgekomen via Bitume, welke via deze link te bemachtigen is. Liefhebbers van death en doom zijn dus gewaarschuwd: ook Turkije herbergt haar juwelen in de metal.

SERMON - Till Birth Do Us Part


  1. Posthumous
  2. Sliver Splinter
  3. Flawless Entropy
  4. Requitement
  5. Cerulean
  6. Destined To Decline
  7. Gnostic Dissensus
  8. The Jupiterian Effect






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