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Amberian Dawn maakt van Abba metal

“This song is one of my ABBA-favorites. I really like the sound and feeling of it. Before recording this song with my band, I hadn’t ever done a cover version of any song. There’s so many good bands out there I’ve loved during all these years so it was hard to choose just one song for covering. But since my musical taste has been a little bit “lighter” lately, I decided to choose an ABBA song. It was even more obvious to me to choose this song after I got a chance to visit and record at Benny Andersson’s studio in Stockholm.“

Amberian Dawn heeft hun versie van de ABBA-klassieker ‘Lay All Your Love One Me’ online gezet. Dat is in aanloop naar de nieuwe langspeler. Die zal Looking For You gaan heten. Dat album komt uit op 31 januari van 2020 via Napalm Records.

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