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‘Is It Gone?’ nieuwe single Forever Still

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Het is nog minder dan twee weken wachten voordat de nieuwe plaat van Forever Still uit gaat komen. Van die schijf is nu een nieuwe single online gezet. ‘Is It Gone?’

‘Is It Gone?’ is afkomstig van Breathe In Colours. Die langspeler gaat op 29 maart via Nuclear Blast in de winkels liggen.

“The overarching thought behind ‘Is It Gone?’ can be summed up in the chorus line saying “it’s only gone if I let it go”, which is something I think a lot of people can relate to”, legt Maja uit. “We hold onto all these negative things and thoughts, some that might never even happen. I remember reading one time that 85% of things we worry about never come true. That’s a lot of trouble for no reason at all. Sometimes you just need to let it go and stop obsessing over things that are out of your control.” 

Ralf W.
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