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Nothing More heeft video voor ‘Fade In/Fade Out’

Nothing More is een band die zijn horizon steeds rijkelijk gevuld ziet. Hun langspeler uit 2017, The Stories We Tell Ourselves, bracht al veel succesvolle singles voor. Of de nieuwe single ook de hitlijsten tot in de top-10 gaat bereiken, is nog de vraag, maar de voortekenen zijn goed.

Nothing More heeft de afsluiter van die plaat nu voorzien van een videoclip. Die spraakmakende clip voor ‘Fade In/Fade Out’, wat het nummer is waar het om gaat, is gemaakt door Stephen Mallett. Check die video hier:

Vocalist Jonny Hawkins zegt: “When I sing this song I daydream about about my childhood… the days before my parents were broken apart by cancer. I think about how my dad taught me to throw a ball. I think about how my mom taught me to tie my shoes. I think about how my dad would always say ‘hard work pays off’ trying to teach me a lesson while I was focused on a video game, too young to care. I remember my mother consoling me when I threw a paint brush to the ground, frustrated by an unintended slip of the hand. I will never forget what she said ‘Jonny, it’s not a mistake, there are no such things as mistakes, just creative opportunities’ I think about the first moment I realized that they wouldn’t be here forever.  I think about how thankful I am”.

 “I got the idea for this song when my wife and I finally agreed on the name of our son — Fenix. I can only hope that my fire continues to burn in him long after I fade out — the same fire my father passed onto me” says guitarist Mark Vollelunga. “May we all remember our parents and never leave words or feelings left unsaid. Don’t let it be too late…”.

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