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Rise Of The Northstar laat Hellfest 2018 herleven

De beelden lijken van vervlogen tijden, maar als men de beleidsmakers in het pluche mogen geloven, komt het ook terug. Wie naar Hellfest 2018 kijkt, ziet beelden die in tijden van corona voor heimwee zorgen. Gelukkig laat Rise Of The Northstar Hellfest 2018 herleven.

Dat doet Rise Of The Northstar middels de live-video voor ‘Again And Again’, welke opgenomen is op Hellfest 2018. Die track staat in de studioversie op Welcame. Dat album was het ijzersterke, spraakmakende debuut van deze Franse niet-alledaagse metalband. Check die video hier:


“We’ve been happy to take our supporters on board for a blast from the past journey through our digital summer live show marathon. Closing it now with a festival like Hellfest was an obvious choice as it was one of the most tremendous ones we had before lockdown,” laat de band weten.

“It comes through countless miles on the road, relentless touring, everywhere (Vithia’s multiple injuries are a testimony of how hard it is to deliver what it takes to become established). Japanese culture comes into play as a focus driver for us; Be it the fictional world of Saint Seiya or the concrete universe of Onizuka and furyos, the philosophy displayed by our heroes is one of absolute tenacity and strength when facing challenges and adversity. Every time they fall to the ground, they manage to find that extra spark that makes them stand up, right back on their feet – Again and again” 

Binnenkort komt Rise Of The Northstar met nieuwe livedata. Dan kan men zich weer gaan opmaken om echt los te gaan op deze Samurai-metalheads.

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