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Rivers Of Nihil heeft nieuwe single online

Het is nog even wachten tot de vierde langspeler van Rivers Of Nihil uitkomt. Toch krijgt de wereld een steeds beter beeld van wat er verwacht kan gaan worden. Ditmaal komt dat door de nieuwe single die Rivers Of Nihil online heeft gezet.

Die nieuwe single van Rivers Of Nihil heet ‘Focus’. Voor de video voor deze single, welke de tweede is van het aankomende The Work, is opnieuw samengewerkt met David Brodsky. Het resultaat mag er zijn, dus check dat snel hieronder.

Reactie op de video

Brody Uttley, lead gitarist en toetsenist van Rivers Of Nihil, hierover: “For the ‘Focus’ video, we once again recruited Mr. David Brodsky, Allie Woest and the team at MyGoodEye. This video tells the story of an individual in a fractured state of mind confronting the darkest parts of his inner self and battling with a physical manifestation of his deepest fears and concerns; the worst parts of himself.

This manifestation represents the presence in all of our heads that tries to pull us down into the throes of self-destructive behavior and patterns of thinking. The creature that he is interacting with becomes more apparent as the video progresses (with the main character slipping deeper into psychosis) until the end when he loses his battle and is plunged down into the blackness once and for all; existing permanently in the prison that his delusions have constructed for him…Perhaps finally at peace, or just as likely: never again at peace.”

The Work komt op 24 september uit. Dat is nog exact een maand wachten. De plaat, welke via Metal Blade Records uitkomt, is al in de pre-order. Check daarvoor deze link. Daar kan ook de eerste single gevonden worden.

Rivers of Nihil - The Work

Tracklist The Work

1. The Tower (Theme from “The Work”)
2. Dreaming Black Clockwork
3. Wait
4. Focus
5. Clean
6. The Void from Which No Sound Escapes
7. MORE?
8. Tower 2
9. Episode
10. Maybe One Day
11. Terrestria IV: Work

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