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Sabaton met Apocalyptica en Amaranthe naar Afas Live en Lotto Arena

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De Zweedse powermetalband Sabaton heeft zijn nieuwe 3e single-video ‘The Great War’ online gezet. De band, die onlangs nog headlinede op het Belgische Graspop Metal Meeting, heeft zojuist tevens twee Benelux shows aangekondigd:
– zondag 2 februari 2020: Lotto Arena – Antwerpen (B)
– zondag 9 februari 2020: AFAS Live – Amsterdam (NL)

Sabaton neemt als special guest de Finse cellometalband Apocalyptica mee; de inmiddels behoorlijk populaire metalband Amaranthe (SWE) is de opener van de avond. De kaartverkoop voor het concert in Amsterdam start maandag 1 juli om 10 uur via Ticketmaster.

“It is with great anticipation that we can finally reveal that “The Great Tour” is also coming to arenas in Europe. I wish it was already January the 17th and we entered the stage at “Hallenstadion” in Zürich, but time will pass quickly”, zegt Pär Sundstöm . Hij voegt eraan toe: “You know by now how much we care about the bands we choose to bring with us on tour, this is no exception. AMARANTHE is a rising star on the metal sky bringing such energy and passion rarely seen on stage and will open the evening. After that comes the big surprise for a lot of people who are not familiar with the cello rock band APOCALYPTICA, but trust us that their emotional show will definitively create magic in the arenas.
Finally what we are bringing, except for our biggest touring production we ever did… Is a promise to deliver a show that you never could imagine and the biggest announcement regarding this tour is still to come.”

The Great War verschijnt op 19 juli via Nuclear Blast.


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