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Schizophrenia komt met ep vol covers

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De Belgische thrash metal band Schizophrenia gaat met een ep vol covers komen. Daarop eren zij de grootheden, maar daarbij denkt de band dan weer niet alleen aan de thrash metal zelf. Die EP, welke Chants Of The Abyss gaat heten, komt uit op 10 februari.

Reactie op de ep

“Playing covers has always been deeply rooted in Schizophrenia. Since the start of the band, we have always included one in our live set list to the point where we felt, time passing, that our adaptations were becoming more and more personal and original. At first, we wanted to include one in our full length, but it didn’t feel exactly right. That’s when slowly the idea of recording “Chants of the Abyss”, an entire cover EP, came about. Separating all originals and all covers.” The band states.

“However, doing covers yes, but simply copying them no. We wanted to emulate the feeling we had with those covers we did live. They had to feel personal and Schizophrenia in a way. There was no point in doing it if they couldn’t feel like our own also. It is exactly that way that we approach the whole EP and which we hope comes out from the recording. Have you ever heard a typical Morbid Angel like beatdown on a Judas Priest song? You might just now!”


Eerste single online

De band heeft direct de eerste single van deze release online gezet. ‘Maze Of Torment’, origineel van Morbid Angel, is een van die covers op de ep van Schizophrenia. Deze onderstreept ook direct dat de band niet alleen voor de thrash pur sang gaat.

There shouldn’t be an introduction for this one. Nevertheless we present you,

our take on one of the MOST influential death metal bands ever to be unleashed upon the masses. Maze Of Torment by Morbid Angel. The way they kept reinventing themselves is truly something we are aspiring to do so. Their sound was so different then any other death metal band out there.. so distinctive in the best way possible. This is our Homage To one of the greatest, ever. “

Schizophrenia online


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