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The Agonist knalt vol door

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Het is modern en toch melodieus. Het is snoeihard en wordt geleid door een dame met charmes. Juist, dat gaat over The Agonist. Die band, met aan het front Vicky Psarakis, gaat met een nieuwe plaat komen.

Op 20 september zal The Agonist via Rodeostar Records het album Orphans uit gaan brengen. Van dat album is nu de single ‘In Vertigo’ al online geknald. Check dat nummer hier:

SayAldus vocalist Vicky Psarakis: “When I heard the first instrumentals for “Orphans” I was a bit shocked and confused. The music was really dark and heavier than anything we’ve done in previous albums and I wasn’t quite sure how I’d be able to match that emotion. But then you know all it took was writing one full song to get the ball rolling and 2-3 months later everything was done!

With every new album, we love to experiment and dip our toes into new territory, but there’s also a lot of elements here that are reminiscent of the earlier days. You can expect a lot of hard hitting, fast-paced madness and many many blast beats! Vocally, there’s a wide range of styles, some of which I tried out for the first time, and the lyrics are mostly inspired from horror stories and real-life tragedies. Events that I felt a lot of people can relate to.

“Orphans” is my third album with The Agonist and I can’t wait to show the world what we created! We’re excited to finally share the first taste with all of you… Get ready for In Vertigo!”

Ralf W.
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