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Le Corbeau – Interview

Het was november 2019 toen Le Corbeau eindelijk met de langverwachte opvolger van hun derde plaat kwam. Die schijf kreeg niet één opvolger, maar zes. Drie platen werden op één dag uitgebracht. Een duidelijk reden om de heren van Le Corbeau eens aan de tand te voelen.

WRR: Recently you released three records on one day. Why did you choose for releasing all three on one day?
LC: Thank you for wanting to talk to us! Fragmented attention is a sign of our times. We need to renew the ability to go deep into things again.

WRR: How did you realize those songs had to be spread over three records?
LC: The songs were made with different people over a long period of time, starting in 2011. Often I will throw in very old ideas and those old ideas fade in and out of focus over time. Different seasons and moods will trigger different ideas. A recurring concept for me is that a record could be like someone’s record collection, with multiple styles.

WRR: Before this releases it took a while for releasing anything. What happened in the meantime?
LC: Speaking for myself as the founder of this band, i was in a sort of exile after quitting a heavily touring band. I have a hard time trusting anyone in the music business, maybe anyone in business in general, but i’ve promised to never stop making music, the reward is in the music itself. Music is my religion, at least the parts of music that cannot be put into words.

WRR: How do you balance those records in a live set?
LC: Everything fits in any kind of way, how different isn’t one day compared to another? That’s my opinion. We’re best when we make a new sequence every night, sometimes i will just make a list, other times we make it together. The only thing i’m totalitarian about is that i demand a touch of anarchy in this band.

WRR: What can we expect from Le Corbeau in 2020?
LC: You can expect a new set of songs being recorded. You can expect a fight to the death against artificiality and mind control. Thanks for your valuable time!


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