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Adam Jarvis nieuwe drummer Lock Up

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“We are extremely thrilled to welcome Adam into the ranks of Lock Up ! I have known Adam for a few years now and we just recently finished a European tour together – a super nice guy and killer skin beater…
Lock up has always been a rollercoaster of a ride since it’s inception way back in 1998 but Adam joining us now in these chaotic times i believe is surely going to refuel this seasoned grind machine … Play Fast or Die !!!”

Dat zegt Shane Embury over de nieuwe drummer van Lock Up. Niemand minder dan Adam Jarvis volgt Nick Barker op, die recent uit de band is gegaan. Adam Jarvis heeft natuurlijk naam gemaakt met zijn fenomenale drumwerk voor Misery Index en Pig Destroyer.

Adam Jarvis zegt zelf: “’Im honored to be included in this killer line-up of incredibly talented musicians. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these amazing dudes for over ten years and can’t wait to collaborate on some vicious new tunes! I have the utmost respect for Nick Barker and it won’t be easy to fill his shoes, but I’m up for the challenge. GRIND!!!


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