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Forgotten Tomb komt met nieuwe single

Het zijn zware tijden voor de mensen in Italië. Veel mensen stellen dat dit door corona komt, maar de daadwerkelijke reden is dat de Italiaanse trots van de blackened doom, Forgotten Tomb, op 8 mei met hun nieuwe plaat komt. En dat is toch nog meer dan een maand wachten.

Om de pijn te verzachten heeft Forgotten Tomb de single ‘Nihilistic Estrangement’ online gezet. Dat nummer is hieronder te beluisteren en geeft een beeld van wat men op de 8e van mei kan gaan verwachten.

‘Nihilistic Estrangement’ is afkomstig van de langspeler met de titel die hetzelfde luidt als deze single. Nihilistic Estrangement zal verschijnen via Agonia Records. Daar huisvest deze band al een flink aantal jaar.

 “Nihilistic Estrangement is our tenth album and it opens a new chapter of the band and possibly a new trilogy, therefore it sounds different from our previous release, which closed the past trilogy. The whole idea and concept behind the album was to make something detached from all the current trends in terms of style and production so that it would feel timeless and not chained to a particular frame in time. I chose specific vintage microphones from the 60s/70s for the studio sessions and mostly played on early 80s instruments, as well as using both analog tapes and mixing desk. It was pretty much recorded like an old album from 40 years ago or such. I pretty much wanted to make something that was removed from the current state of music and the standardized productions that get churned out daily. Musically speaking there are references to all of the band’s eras but it sounds very refreshing and extremely personal; it’s 100% Forgotten Tomb. The lyrics deal with several different themes but the main focus is about reaching a mental estrangement from the modern world; it’s about refusing to partake in the current state of things and finding solace in a inner world of my own where no one can enter. I’d say the lyrics and concepts on this album are extremely misanthropic, even if it’s a term that got thrown around so much over the years that it kinda lost its real meaning”. 

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