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Nick Barker verlaat Locked Up

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Wat hebben Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child en Locked Up gemeen? Juist, het zijn allemaal bands waarin Nick Barker drummer is geweest. Die laatste band is daar net bijgekomen. Via Listenable Records heeft Locked Up laten weten dat het instituut achter de drumkit de band heeft verlaten.

Nick’s statement luidt:

After “not feeling it” for a considerable amount of time and pondering my future within the ranks of the band,I’ve decided to call it a quits with Lock Up!
There’s no bad blood or ill feeling in any way,those guys are my brothers and I wish them well..
I have a couple of new musical endeavours in the pipeline that will come to light when the time is right.
Id like to take this opportunity to thank my ex-band mates and all the fans around the world for their support over the course of 20+ years I served as drummer in the band…

Much love to you all.”

Mede-oprichter en Napalm Death-icoon Shane Embury zegt: “I am sad to see Nick leave the band”  ! But we have discussed this a lot and it’s time to move on for all of us I guess – no bad blood 
Along with Jesse Pintado ( RIP) Nick and I formed Lock Up in 1998 !
We have had a fun and crazy ride together on all those years and  I wish Nick nothing but the best for the future “

Binnenkort zal Locked Up laten weten wie de vervanger voor Nick Barker, die ook nog actief is in onder andere Brujeria, gaat worden. Voor nu is het nog even genieten van die goede oude tijden.


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