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Tawny Ellis heeft video voor ‘Love Life’ online

Toen de zomer net iets meer dan een maand begonnen was, kwam Tawny Ellis met het album Love Life. Inmiddels is men twee maanden verder maar dat houdt niet in dat Tawny Ellis die plaat naar de achtergrond laat schuiven. Sterker nog, Tawny Ellis heeft de videoclip voor de titeltrack van Love Life juist online gezet.

Dat album heeft deze muzikante mooie kritieken bezorgd. Wereldwijd viel Love LIfe van Tawny Ellis goed in de smaak. Dat zal deze verleidelijke videoclip ook doen. Het is echt alsof men één op één met deze dame is. Complimenten dan ook aan de filmer van dienst.

Tawny Ellis

Tawny’s boodschap

“In this video I wanted to show that you can make up your mind about what you focus your attention on. This is a difficult subject… the idea that can we choose how we think and that we can change our perspective and our mood!? YES, I do find that I am in control of how I choose to see things, it takes work and practice but it is possible.

A good place to start is to believe that we can find some happiness and peace no matter what is going on around us. I do believe you can choose the light and you can find a way to create a little magic where it might not be so obvious.
This has been my greatest lesson in life. 

Tawny Ellis Love Life

Today it is my wish that this offering will make you smile. During the past 6 months I have been learning how to edit video and I edited this one. I love film and playing with imagery and most of all telling stories. It has been a great experience to take the storytelling aspect of a song one step further with video.  Thanks to two amazing talented friends Simon Cardoza and Deb Morrison who shot it!

I would also like to thank the amazing Jesse Siebenberg for producing this track and to Gio Loria and Quinn for playing on it. And I am so grateful to all of them. I do believe together we found the magic.
Great news this week is the title track “Love Life” is now being played on 142 Radio stations in the good ol USA! 

So here it is the title track of my record I just released in July. It’s not about love between the sheets, it’s about NOT giving up, it’s about always finding a way to love or appreciate something about your life no matter what the circumstances are. I felt compelled to write it about 3 years ago when I first picked up a new instrument called the Omni chord lent to me by my friend and legendary producer Daniel Lanois.

Needless to say he was right that it would be a door opener for me. Funny how timely the message is in this song and that I would release this record in crazy 2020. The last line few lines of the song gives you an idea of where I am in my own process.

“Love life, you’ve got to find a silver lining- I’ve heard this all my life but I’m still fighting”

Thanks to I’m Music Magazine for the world Premier of the video and article (below) 
xx -love T”

Tawny Ellis online



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