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Titeltrack aankomende plaat God Dethroned online

Leestijd: 2 minuten

7 februari is de dag waarop de opvolger van The World Ablaze van God Dethroned uit gaat komen. De Nederlandse trots op het gebied van blackened death metal zal dan met Illuminati gaan komen. Die schijf verschijnt via Metal Blade Records.

De titeltrack van Illuminati is inmiddels online te bezichtigen. Deze maakt onderdeel aan drie aan elkaar gelinkte videoclips. ‘Illuminati’ is dus de eerste daarvan.

“Freemasons, occultists and conspiracy theory enthusiasts pay attention! God Dethroned is back to smack you in the face with our new album called ‘Illuminati‘. After finishing the World War One trilogy, it was about time to go back to dark side with songs about religion, freemasonry and the occult. Song titles like ‘Spirit of Beelzebub’, ‘Broken Halo’, ‘Book of Lies’ and ‘Satan Spawn’ leave very little to the imagination as to what to expect from us from a lyrical point of view.

But those of you who expected us to go back into a raging frenzy of endless blastbeats and buzzsaw blade guitar sounds better beware. ‘Illuminati‘ is our most varied album to date with a heavy, yet in-your-face type of production. We managed to make our sound bigger and more orchestral than ever before with the use of both atmospheric keyboard parts and many additional vocal parts such as choirs and grunt-on-tone type of vocals. There is a lot to be discovered in the songs of this album because of the many details hidden in the music that will only reveal itself after many listens, and at the same time the tunes on ‘Illuminati‘ are catchier than ever before.

Lovers of Rhandy Roads-meets-Marty Friedman type of melodic guitar solos should definitely give Dave Meester’s spectacular leads a listen. Dave was welcomed to the band’s line-up during the European tour with Belphegor and Suffocation and stayed within our ranks ever since. Former guitar player Mike Ferguson however contributed greatly to ‘Illuminati’ by writing several stunning songs and riffs as well as recording half of all the rhythm tracks on the album. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.”
Aldus frontman Henri Statler.

De tracklist van die plaat luidt als volgt:

Illuminati track-listing
1. Illuminati
2. Broken Halo
3. Book of Lies
4. Spirit of Beelzebub
5. Satan Spawn
6. Gabriel
7. Eye of Horus
8. Dominus Muscarum
9. Blood Moon Eclipse

De plaat is inmiddels in de pre-order via de webshop van Metal Blade Records.


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