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‘YNAMW’ nieuwe single Gentle Savage

‘YNAMW’? Ja, dat staat voor ‘You Never Ask Me Why’. En dat is dan weer op haar beurt de nieuwe single van de rockers van Gentle Savage. Die track van Gentle Savage, ‘YNAMW’ dus, gaat op 1 januari van het aankomende jaar online komen met een lyricvideo. Het nummer zelf is inmiddels wel beschikbaar voor streaming.

‘YNAMW’ is afkomstig van de debuutplaat van Gentle Savage. Dat album, Midnight Waylay, gaat in februari van aankomend jaar verschijnen. Check middels deze link de streamingsopties voor ‘YNAMW’. Hieronder staat al een teaser naar de aankomende video van Gentle Savage.

Frontman Tornado over deze track

“YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why) started out as a funny triplet feel guitar riff with sound effects of whipping and wicked screaming. The first idea was to write a song with the feel of a Clint Eastwood type of a Western movie. While being on a sick leave, vocalist Tornado Bearstone watched The Twilight Saga (accidentally of course). Somehow the idea of superhuman powers, beauty and eternal love appealed to Tornado’s state of mind and a modern Cowboy – Vampire character was born in his imagination. So you can say that the story of  You Never Ask Me Why was inspired by the movies.”
He vervolgt: “As a composition YNAMW is somewhere between Gentle Savage’s songs Run Run Poor Boy and Karelian Magic. It has a melodic chorus that gives a good contrast to the quite bold and rhythmic feel of the verses. You can easily recognize it as a Gentle Savage song with the guaranteed sounds they are already known for. There’s plenty of interesting things going on both musically and story wise as the Cowboy – Vampire goes out looking for the one he loves! And bites.”

Gentle Savage 2020

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