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Beaten To Death – Interview

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Het was aan het eind van 2020 toen de Noorse grindcore band Beaten To Death ineens met een serie releases kwam. Toen kwamen er vier genadeloze ep’s uit. Die releases kwamen met een Nederlandse titel. Er waren genoeg redenen om een interview aan te gaan met Beaten To Death.

Het is niet de eerste keer dat White Room Reviews met Beaten To Death een interview had. Naar aanleiding van het in 2019 uitgekomen Agronomicon sprak White Room Reviews ook al met Beaten To Death. Check dat interview hier.

Ditmaal is het Anti-Climax die de antwoorden heeft gegeven. Check het gesprek onder de video, welke ook heet van de pers is.

Het gesprek (in het Engels)

1. Now the four EP’s are released, how does it feel?
“It feels like our work is done and we can finally move to the forest.” 

2. You have a Dutch name for those for releases. Why Dutch?
‘The dutch phrase is a quote from one of our songs. We have a tendency of spicing up our lyrics with languages we like but don’t understand. Also we really like playing live in the Netherlands. Dutch crowds seem to be particularly tuned in to our weirdness.”

3. If you have to choose, which woods do you prefer to visit and why?
It would probably be one of the forests around Oslo. They are beautiful and vast. They have a plethora of lakes you can camp by and if you choose the more obscure hiking routes you may actually end up NOT meeting people, which should always be a main goal with hiking. “

Grindcore en meer

4. Your sound is more than just grindcore. What music is used as an influence for your music?
We all kind of agree on liking Napalm Death, Obituary, Burnt by the sun and Sheryl Crowe. Aside from that, whatever tunes we listen to may influence us, wether it be Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium or Straight, no haser. We soak it all up.”

5. The year is ending after your great releases. What can we expect from Beaten To Death in 2021?
We are hoping to play a few shows, but we have a sneaking feeling the lockdown isn’t blowing over at least until waaaay into 2021. Hopefully we will be allowed to play our show at Eindhoven Metal Meeting in December!  If we’re stuck at home we might as well record more music, so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

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