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Emily Lazar (September Mourning) – Interview

Onlangs kwam het nieuws dat de frontvrouw van September Mourning, Emily Lazar, een non-fungible token op de markt bracht. Dit is bijzonder nieuws in muziekland. Daarom had White Room Reviews een kort interview met Emily Lazar over dat token, de muziek en aankomende plaat.

Naast het interview maakte Emily Lazar ook een gave foto speciaal voor White Room Reviews. Check die afbeelding onderaan het interview.

Het interview

WRR: ‘Congratulations with the launching of your non-fungible token. How did you come up with this idea?’
EL: ‘I’ve been in the crypto space for a few years now, but got more and more invested over the past year with the pandemic and the lack of touring. I love making art across all mediums, as September Mourning is that kind of project, so when i heard about the NFT space I felt like it was the perfect place to expand our universe.’

WRR: ‘In which way do you think this will have influence on September Mourning?’
EL: ‘I think it will provide a more unique place to tell the story. I can even launch a separate storyline in this space alongside the universe… like a second universe story!’

WRR: ‘Besides this news September Mourning has released the first singles of Vol.IV. What can we expect from that upcoming record?’
EL: ‘A lot more heavy, melodic, tasty rock… with a “nostalgic” musical  piece within it all.’

WRR: ‘Did the whole situation of the world with corona has any effect on the release?’
EL: ‘Yes, very much so… we have had to become more creative online with our release schedule and really look at the music industry differently…. especially because of the lack of touring.’

WRR: ‘Do you already have plans for after the release? And will you soon come to Europe?’
EL: ‘I’m hoping touring kicks in and we can see everyone really soon…. even those of you across the sea!’

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