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Lindsay Schoolcraft – interview

Leestijd: 3 minuten

De wereld kent haar als toetseniste en vertolker van de vrouwelijke vocalen in Cradle Of Filth, maar Lindsay Schoolcraft heeft meer in haar mars. In oktober zal haar eerste soloplaat uit gaan komen. Die plaat, welke Martyr heet, gaf een mooie aanleiding om de dame kort te spreken.

WRR: ‘The most people know you from Cradle Of Filth, but who is Lindsay Schoolcraft?’

LS: “I’d like to think she is who I truly am, just that nerdy goth chick who has been heavily influenced by the music and culture of the early 2000’s and wants to keep that nostalgia alive.”

WRR: ‘For your upcoming solo record you are working together with Rocky Gray. How did this colaboration start?’

LS: “I came across his personal profile on Facebook and thought “I’ll add him, what do I have to lose?” And he was so happy that I did! Turns out he is also a huge Cradle of Filth fan too! After a few days he asked me if I wanted to work on songs with him and it all went from there. Of course, I had to have minor excited freak out at the time before I could go into “pro” song writing mode.”

WRR: ‘The cover of The Cure’s classic one is awesome. Will the other songs sound a bit like ‘Lullaby’?’

LS: “Well thank you! Lullaby is a weird one because it was the first song we worked on and it was such a strange cover to tackle. You will definitely hear the elements of the harp and atmosphere on other tracks, but also the heaviness at the ending will continue into sections of the album.”

WRR: ‘Where did you find the inspiration for Martyr?’

LS: “At the time that Rocky mentioned wanting to write with me, which was back in 2016, I was going through one of the hardest times of my life. I was struggling with alcoholism and family illness. I was also still mourning the death of my grandfather a year earlier. On top of that the business end of things were not being kind towards me. I felt very isolated and with little support or understanding of my circumstances. Of course there is was also relationship, and friend and fan problems that I deeply channeled into this album lyrically. I find through darkness we make some of our best art. I’m really proud of this album. The title comes from “dying for what you believe in” and I think I hold very true to this as to many of the sacrifices I’ve made to keep my solo project a float.”

WRR: ‘When the record is released, can we expect also a solo tour?’

LS: “I wish this was true! It may not happen for another 6 months to a year after the release. Touring is so very expensive to get up and off of the ground and I want to do it right. But once it’s ready to happen everyone will know about it!”


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