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Emma Garell wilt bloed zien

Alternatieve rockster Emma Garell wilt bloed zien. Althans, als men de titel van haar nieuwe track moeten geloven. ‘I Wanna See Blood’ is namelijk de naamdrager van dat inmiddels online te beluisteren nummer.

“I Wanna See Blood is a song about love gone wrong, your basic break up song that ends in a bloody mess. Sometimes love lost just leaves you angry…not sad…not lonely…just bloody angry. Break up songs come in a variety of styles, but this is my anger and my response to a broken heart, I hope people can relate. My two previous songs (Destination Anaheim and unreleased Mojo Man ) were more about the rock world in general. It wasn’t until I started working with Todd Wright that I found a way to express my inner feelings through my music. ‘I Wanna See Blood’ is the first of the songs that we wrote together that delve into my heart and soul,” aldus Emma Garell zelf.

Gitarist Dylan Lawson vult haar aan: “I Wanna See Blood is a dancey jam, alternative-rock track about heartbreak and revenge. For fans of Billie Eilish and Mohawks.”

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