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Lola Black covert Concrete Blonde in nieuwe single

Lekker donker, obscuur en rockend. Dat kan gezegd worden over de nieuwe single van de Amerikaanse Lola Black. Daarin covert ze met haar band het nummer ‘Bloodletting (Vampire Song)’. Die track is origineel van Concrete Blonde.

“Covering Bloodletting (the vampire song) by Concrete Blonde came very naturally to me. Johnette Napolitano was a pioneer at bringing a subtle darkness with a sexy swag into heavy alternative rock. She herself said that the song was inspired by Anne Rice and the Vampire Chronicles. At the time the mainstream didn’t believe “Bloodletting” would work but the song went on to become a cult classic and through our interpretation we want to keep that spirit going. Much like Concrete Blonde, our darker side has never been fully embraced so it is as if we were meant to cover this song and keep that middle finger in the air to the mainstream.” – LOLA


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