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Paradise Lost : video ‘Fall From Grace’ online

Paradise Lost maakt de fans in donkere corona-tijden blij. Waar eerder al bekend was geworden dat Nick Holmes en co op 15 mei van dit jaar met de langspeler Obsidian gaan komen via Nuclear Blast, komt de band nu met de videoclip voor ‘Fall From Grace’. Check die hieronder.

Nick Holmes zegt: “As a global crisis, it goes without saying Covid 19 has affected everyone and everything, including every aspect of the music industry. As a result, our record label Nuclear Blast offered us the chance to postpone the launch of our latest album ‘Obsidian’ to a less volatile time later in the year.
Taking this into consideration, and the fact the live music circuit is currently in lockdown, we think it’s unnecessary to postpone the release as we think our fans wouldn’t want to wait. Music can be enjoyed in practically any environment, so therefore we are going ahead with the same release date 15.5.20, and we sincerely hope our new album helps to lift your spirits, and is a beacon of light in the dark during these uncertain times! Thanks for your continuous support through the years and see you on the road!”

Nick Holmes zegt over deze track: “This is a song about struggling through difficult times, and a point blank refusal to accept that the end is within range.”

Guitarist Greg Mackintosh voegt toe: “The first song written for ‘Obsidian’ so probably one of the closest in style to the previous album ‘Medusa’.
It has quite a few different elements to it but is essentially a classic PL song. Doom laden, but hopefully heartfelt and subtle in places.”

Paradise Lost zal op 17 september, als corona hopelijk wereldwijd weer tot de geschiedenis behoort, Obsidian eenmaal in zijn geheel gaan spelen. Dat gebeurt in The Warehouse te Leeds. Een must voor de echte fans van deze iconen.

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