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Voivod knalt er nieuwe single in

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11 februari is de dag waarop de nieuwe langspeler van Voivod uit gaat komen. Op die dag verschijnt namelijk Synchro Anarchy. Dat zal gaan gebeuren via Century Media. Van dat nieuwe album heeft Voivod nu een nieuwe single online geknald.

Die nieuwe single van Voivod is de titeltrack van de plaat. De Canadese metal band heeft daar, in samenwerking met Syl Disjonk van 5600K een vlammende video voor gemaakt. Die staat ook online en is hieronder te zien.

Reactie Voivod

Drummer Michel Langevin zegt: “After coming back from the European tour with GWAR at the end of 2019, we took a break and got back together in early 2020 to record some new ideas and improvisations. After finishing one of these sessions, while untying my running shoes, I had a flash of a rhythm where I would skip one beat every bar. I told the band I had an idea and walked towards the drums but I stepped on one of my shoelaces, missed a step and almost fell on the drum kit.
Everybody laughed, then I played the beat, which Chewy recorded and named ‘Away’s Shoelace Incident’. This gave Snake the idea to write about these strange timings where somebody would stop to tie up his shoe only to be closely missed by a flying wheel of a car. At one point Snake had shorten the title to ‘Shoelace’ but I noticed in his lyrics the words Synchro Anarchy and told him it would be a great name for the song.
When we were done recording the songs we all thought it would also be a good title for the album. It is really representative of the planet we live on and the way we had to build the LP out of snippets of ideas like a huge puzzle.
For this single, we asked our good friend Syl Disjonk, who did the videos for ‘The End Of Dormancy’ and ‘Kluskap ‘O Kom’, to film the band and work his magic. So here it is, the title track of the new album, enjoy!”

Standaard en bonus-versie

Voivod heeft voor de nieuwe plaat twee verschillende versies voor de liefhebber in petto. Op de standaard uitgave van Synchro Anarchy komen negen kersverse songs te staan. De luxere uitgave zal twee discs bevatten. Op die tweede staat een show van Voivod uit 2018. De fan kan daar dus reikhalzend naartoe gaan leven, want het wachten is niet zo lang meer.






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