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‘While The Spiders Spin’ single Psychotic Waltz

Afgelopen vrijdag was het eindelijk zover. Na meer dan drieëntwintig jaar bracht Psychotic Waltz zijn nieuwe studioplaat uit. Via InsideOut Music kwamen de Amerikaanse pioniers van e progressieve metal met The GodShaped Void.

Van dat album is het nummer ‘While The Spiders Spin’ afkomstig. Voor die track staat nu een video online om te vieren dat Psychotic Waltz nog steeds still going strong is. Bekijk die video hieronder.

Today is a special day for us, the release of our fifth album, and first record in over two decades. It’s crazy to think that 35 years ago, the five of us started playing together in Aslan, which a few years later we re-named Psychotic Waltz. We can’t thank our fans enough for their enormous patience biding their time until the album was done. But the wait is officially over! The album basically picks up where we left off in 1997, with the added benefit of modern technology and perhaps a more mature songwriting perspective. We would also like to give thanks to Jens Bogren for his great job with the mixing and mastering, and Ulrich Wild for his tracking work. It’s definitely our best-sounding album to date, and we can’t forget the amazing work of our longtime collaborator Travis Smith for the outstanding artwork. Turn it up, and enjoy!


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