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Fuck The Facts – Interview (3)

Voor de ondergetekende was de nieuwe release van Fuck The Facts, Pleine Noirceur, één van de platen van het jaar. Daarom sprak White Room Reviews Fuck The Facts uitgebreid voor een interview. Dat interview is in drie delen gesplitst. Bij deze het laatste deel.

Het laatste deel van het interview met Fuck The Facts is met degene die het langst in de band zit. Topon Das werd door de ondergetekende zo’n tien jaar geleden ook gesproken, toen in de Dynamo te Eindhoven. Dat was net voordat White Room Reviews werd opgericht. Disgorge Mexico was toen net uit.

Fuck The Facts - Interview Topon

De vragen

– It has been silent for some years from Fuck The Facts. What happened? And was that also the reason there were no small releases?

Topon: I knew when we were getting ready to release Desire Will Rot that I wanted to take a break afterward (the title of the album says it all). I had started working at a venue as a live sound tech and eventually took on a managerial position there as well. This added with running my recording studio didn’t leave me much time, and my focus became less and less on the band.

Besides what I was doing, everyone else’s life was also changing and the vibe wasn’t the same anymore. I think we all felt like we were running around in circles doing the same thing without any real progress. It was a hard decision to make because this band has been my baby for almost half my life, but it had to happen. So yeah, there were no releases because we just weren’t doing anything. There’s probably a solid year where I didn’t even pick up my guitar.

– ‘Pleine Noirceur’ is recorded in times of Corona. What’s the influence of Corona on the record or the process?

Topon: Actually the album was all recorded before Corona. We were basically working on this record for the past couple of years at a pretty relaxed pace. I decided to leave my job at the venue at the end of last year because I just had no time for my family or even myself, let alone the band. When Corona hit, it put a halt on a bunch of the studio stuff I had in my calendar,m so it became the perfect time to finally finish the record.


– The music is even more varied than before. How do you get inspired for songs as ‘As Ending’ next to ‘_cide’?

Topon: That’s the beauty of it, it just comes naturally. Honestly, I would be horrible if I wanted to start a death metal band or a melodic metal band or even a straight-up grindcore band. My mind goes everywhere when it comes time to create and I want to do it all. I listen to a lot of different music, and often it’s not even metal. My roots are definitely punk/grind and metal music, but when it comes to inspiration now it rarely comes from these places. If I compare it to painting, it’s like drawing one line on the canvas and seeing where it takes you. Sometimes you need to start painting in a different corner, but eventually, it will all connect.

Favoriete track

– If you have to name one song on ‘Pleine Noirceur’, which is your favorite and why?

Topon: The title track is my favorite. It’s the first song we started writing after the break and it came together really easily, and quite quickly considering we hadn’t played together for a while. It was just really fun playing again and it reminded me why I started doing this all those years ago.

– What are the plans for FTF for 2021?

Topon: Playing live is so up in the air now that I think our focus will just be working on new music. There are already a few new ideas that have started coming together, so we’ll see where that takes us and how long it takes to get there.




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