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Fuck The Facts – Interview (2)

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Afgelopen week kon men hier al het eerste interview van de drie met Fuck The Facts lezen. Toen was drummer Vil aan het woord. Natuurlijk werden deze vragen op de leden van Fuck The Facts afgevuurd vanwege hun daverende nieuwe release. Fuck The Facts gaf namelijk met de langspeler Pleine Noirceur een mooie reden om hen weer eens te spreken.

In dit tweede deel van het drieluik komt de zangeres van het geheel aan het woord. Mel Mongeon maakt sinds het begin van deze eeuw deel uit van de band. Zij was sinds Backstabber Etiquette op elke plaat te horen.

Fuck The Facts - Interview - Mel


– After being in Fuck The Facts for almost twenty years, how is your amazing throat? And how do you keep it this good?

Mel: It’s surprisingly fine! When the idea surfaced to start practicing again after quite a long break, I was pretty worried. I thought it would be tough to scream again, that my voice wouldn’t be the same anymore. I went to my first practice and was pleasantly surprised, I could still do this! All singers have different tricks I’m sure, and for some, it’s nothing different at all. I find cutting or limiting dairies and drinking throat coat tea before screaming helps me. I don’t smoke either, which is probably a good thing for my voice.

– A lot of songs are written in French. Where are they about and why do you prefer French above English?

Mel: I don’t prefer French over English or vice versa. We live a really bilingual life, we are at the limit of Quebec and Ontario here in Canada. One province is mostly french and the other one mostly English. I use both languages on a daily basis, and pretty equally. It’s the case at my work, with friends or even with my kids.  So it feels quite natural to write and go back and forth in both languages. French being my mother tongue, I do have a little more ease finding the right words to express ideas when writing lyrics. As for their content, they touch a variety of subjects, from current political and social issues to personal challenges we face.

Reacties van het publiek

 – As a female singer in an extreme metal band do you get a lot of strange reactions because it is mainly a world full of males in the metal?

Mel: I think it used to be more of a surprise back in the days when we started. There were fewer female vocalists back then and it was surprising people a little more. I did get the ‘’Is she the merch girl?’’ assumption over the years though. 

 – If you have to name one song on ‘Pleine Noirceur’, which is your favorite and why?

Mel: I like a lot of songs for different reasons, but since I have to pick one, I will go for Dropping like Flies. I like the groove of this song. The chorus has a little hardcore vibe that is pretty cool. It’s a catchy song, not in the sense pop radio hits are catchy, but catchy for us.

 – When Corona has ended and life is ‘normal’ again, what are you going to miss of this Corona times?

Mel: It’s the everyday simple things I’m going to miss. I used to go to work so early that everybody in my house was still sleeping. I got ready in a hurry, jumped out the door and ran for the bus. Now it’s much more relaxed! I get to wake up the kids, have family breakfast, as well as lunch together. I also get to enjoy a really good coffee every morning. Topon makes freshly grinded coffee with the aeropress and it’s just so good. Nothing at work compares to that! I have also felt less work related stress overall, definitely don’t miss that. I do miss going out to a bar for a show and a beer!  




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