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Tempel – Interview

Eerder dit jaar verscheen Tempel, een langspeler van de gelijknamige band. Die band wordt gevormd door de drummer van Kvelertak en zijn broers. Deze daverende debuutplaat vormde een mooi reden om even kort met de band te spreken.

WRR: ‘How did Tempel start?’
Espen: ‘First rehearsal was December 23rd 2011. Me, Kjetil and Inge. We were testing out something which later became the intro of “Torches” that night. We had always been talking about forming a band together, and when Kjetil moved back to Vestfold after 7 years in Stavanger, we felt the time was ready.’

WRR: ‘How is it to be in a band with brothers?’
Espen: ‘It can be difficult sometimes. But the reward and the feeling of ownership to the project is so much stronger compared to the other bands I’ve played in. And sometimes it’s like a love/hate relationship. It’s complicated, yet extremely inspiring at times. I hope that you maybe can sense what I am saying when listening to our music. There’s lots of tension, arguing and love behind the songs and the tension releases in one way or another when we come together and play these songs.’ 

WRR: ‘The record contains a lot of influences. What are the main influences for the music of Tempel and why?’
Espen: ‘The Hellacopters and Thin Lizzy have without doubt inspired at least me to make two-part harmony melodies and solos. This is a clear example of our inspiration. Aside from that there is lots of more or less subtile inspiration which is mostly unconscious. We are simply just using our best riffs no matter what genre or sound, and I like to think that all melodies that comes to your head is a product of all the good music you’ve heard in your life. 

Some bands that make this kind of good music is:
Metallica, Mastodon, Hellacopters, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Guns n’ Roses, Iron Maiden and Jethro Tull.

In addition to all this, I believe that the Norwegian folk music that we have been listening to ever since our childhood also has an impact on our music.’

WRR: ‘What can people expect from Tempel? Will it be a full time band?’
Espen: ‘Yes, absolutely.  Kjetil has retired and Jonas has replaced him. We work steady but slowly.’

WRR: ‘What are the plans for Tempel now the record is released?’
Espen: ‘We have a few shows upcoming in Norway. Hopefully a tour abroad within a year or so. Right now we are busy with hammering out new songs which feels really great. We don’t know when you will be able to listen to that, but I can tell that we are very inspired at the moment. Especially after receiving so much positive feedback on our debut album.’


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