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American Television covert er op los op nieuwe ep

De debuutplaat stamt nog maar uit 2020. Het was januari van dat jaar toen American Television met de langspeler Watch It Burn kwam. Die plaat verscheen via Wiretap Records. Die release heeft, mede door corona, nu een opvolger. En op die opvolger covert American Television er op los.

American Television, welke uit Washington komt, covert op de nieuwe ep onder andere Black Flag en Green Day. In het totaal staan er op de ep Adolescence vijf nummers. Alle vijf zijn covers. Black Flag wordt geëerd middels ‘Nervous Breakdown’. De melodieuze punkers van American Television hebben daarvoor een video opgenomen. Check die video hieronder.

Reactie zanger/gitarist Steve Rovery

 “Engaging in the recording process independently was challenging with limited experience recording ourselves and no ability to support each other on takes. Choosing songs that have been with us for most of our lives helped us channel our energy despite being solo, and the fact that they were still relevant 25 years later helped fuel the ferocity of the performance. The toughest challenge was when things that could be a 5-minute studio conversation could take 3 to 4 days of passing files in order to get things right. And with the obvious inspiration from the Adolescents self-titled album artwork that recently turned 40, why not cover “kids of the black hole?”

Reactie gitarist/zanger Jerred Lazar

“It ticked a lot of boxes for us adding another iconic element to the mix and slipping in the allusion to our younger years all wrapped up in a sarcastic little package. Given the heaviness of the themes within the songs, we wanted to balance it all with a cheeky sort of vibe.”

Tracklist Adolescence ep

1 · Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)
2 · Officer (Operation Ivy cover)
3 · American Jesus (Bad Religion cover)
4 · Merchandise (Fugazi cover)
5 · Brain Stew / Jaded (Green Day cover)

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