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Black Mamba covert Led Zeppelin op bijzondere wijze

Door corona is ook het repeteren bij bands anders dan gebruikelijk. Dat bracht de Italiaanse hardrockers van Black Mamba op hun versie van de Led Zeppelin-klassieker ‘Black Dog’. Gezien hun gitarist niet present kon zijn, werd het een versie van alleen drum en basgitaar. Cecilia en Frederico lichten dit toe:

“A couple of weeks ago, not being able to rehearse with our guitarist due to Covid-19, we decided to pay homage to Led Zeppelins with a bass and drums version of Black Dog. We hope you enjoy our remake! I notice this type of song that has made history, they are impossible to replicate and it would not even make sense to do it. So, we tried to make Cecilia’s bass play in the most original way possible by playing the guitar solo with the bass and adding a solo of drums in the queue. The voice? Always with the bass!

Small insight for bass and effects fetishists: we doubled the signal of the Fender Jazz with an ABY splitter by Radial. The first signal entered the pedal in the chain, then in the Avalon U5. The second entered an Octaver-pedal and then into the Sansamp Rbi “

Check hier de versie van Black Mamba voor ‘Black Dog’:

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