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‘Sessions: #1 American Thrash’ coveralbum Crisix

8 november. Arceer die dag als je de thrash metal hoog hebt zitten. Die dag zal de Spaanse, of beter gezegd, Catalaanse band Crisix een album uitbrengen waarop de Amerikaanse thrash metal gevierd zal worden.

Crisix eert de Amerikaanse thrash op Sessions: #1 American Thrash. Die plaat zal verschijnen via Listenable Records. En zoals men misschien al vermoedt, is het een coveralbum.

De band zegt: ‘‘We have been willing to do a cover album for a long time, but there is just too many bands that we love , so we decided to divide it into pieces and release a series of cover albums where we focus on a specific style. The first one is dedicated to American Thrash.
We all in CRISIX are music lovers and we love covering different bands, songs and styles. When we travel in our van we listen to all kind of music and do crazy covers at soundchecks. We are music collectors, we’re sure you understand the sort of dilemma we were facing when finally deciding which 8 songs we wanted to put on the first cover album.”

De tracklist van de schijf liegt er niet om:
1 World in a World (Vio-Lence)    04:16
2  Critical Mass  (Nuclear Assault)    03:14
3 The ‘Hood (EvilDead)     04:15
4 Chalice of Blood  (Forbidden – )03:53
5 Toxic Waltz (Exodus)   04:22
6 Imitation of Life (Anthrax)    04:31
7 C.O.T.L.O.D. (Testament)    02:48
8 Infectious Hospital Waste (Demolition Hammer)    04:02


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