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‘Empire Of Loss’ knallende single Gone In April

De Noord-Amerikaanse death metal band Gone In April, waarin ook meesterbassist Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Death, e.v.a.) speelt, heeft voor het nummer ‘Empire Of Loss’ een video online gezet. Die is hieronder te zien.

Die single is afkomstig van het album Shards Of Light, welke inmiddels uit is. Dat album kan via deze link bemachtigd worden.

De band laat weten: “Double release day! In addition to our new album, Shards of Light, we are stocked to release our new music video, Empire of Loss! While hunting for the perfect venue where to film our next video, we found a gorgeous church in ruins in Detroit. The holes in the ceiling somehow made us think of how the human memory sometimes looses pieces too. Amidst the desolation, shards of light were entering the church. Amidst the destruction, there was still light to be found.”

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