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Single Nita Strauss met Anders Fridén online

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Eerder knalde gitariste Nita Strauss al een samenwerking met Alice Cooper de wereld in, maar ook in de nieuwe single heeft ze hoog bezoek. Nita Strauss heeft namelijk in haar nieuwe single Anders Fridén, de frontman van In Flames, aan haar zijde.

Die single van Nita Strauss met Anders Fridén heet ‘The Golden Trail’. Dat nummer is afkomstig van de aankomende plaat, The Call Of The Void. Die plaat zal op 7 juli van dit jaar gaan verschijnen via Sumerian Records. Check die single hieronder.

Reacties op de single

When I was first learning how to play guitar, In Flames were my Beatles; my first favorite band,“deelt Strauss . “Anders’ iconic vocal style is burned into my mind! To write a song like this and have him sing on it, as a kid who grew up with In Flames posters on my walls, is an absolute dream come true.

It was a lot of fun to collaborate with Nita on ‘The Golden Trail,'” zegt Fridén. “She’s an amazing guitar player and I can hear the history of metal flowing through her fingers!” 

Nita Strauss over het album

“Have you ever been at the top of a high building and had the fleeting thought, ‘… I could jump right now?’ This feeling is sometimes called ‘The Call of the Void,’ also known as ‘high place phenomenon.’ It’s not a suicidal impulse, rather the exact opposite — a subconscious decision to live your life, to step back from the ledge, and take control. As researcher April Smith aptly put it: ‘An urge to jump affirms the urge to live.'”

I wanted the follow up to Controlled Chaos to be exciting, new, and fresh, to take listeners to a new place and take myself somewhere new as an artist too. We have some amazing collaborations on this album with incredible musicians, as well as the instrumental guitar music that first inspired me to play.

Some pieces of music come into the world gracefully and easily. This album is not one of them! The Call of the Void was born kicking and screaming, a labor of love for sure, but also of blood, sweat and plenty of tears. I couldn’t be more proud of the end result. Making this album helped me learn and grow so much as a musician and songwriter and I’m excited to finally unleash it on the world.”

De plaat is in de pre-order via deze link. Daarop staan naast de eerder al uitgebrachte single met Alice Cooper ook nog andere interessante samenwerkingen. Check it out.

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