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HÅKON HØYE – Interview

April begon net toen de Noorse muzikant Håkon Høye (HH) met het album Nights At The Surf Motel kwam. Dat album was niet direct in één hokje te plaatsen door de vele invloeden. Die plaat gaf een mooie reden deze Noor eens wat vragen te stellen.

WRR.: Nights At The Surf Motel is a record with a lot of different influences, which made this album sound very well. What do you see as the influence(s) for writing this record?
HH.: Thanks a lot:-) I haven’t really tried to force the album into any specific genre but let the songs decide the direction. My first album was maybe a bit more blues-focused but on this one I just let the songs decide. The title and some of the ideas have been there for some years but the songs was mainly written and finished right before the recording of the album. For influences, I’ve always listen to a lot of different kinds of music from latin to the blues. But before this album I’ve listened a lot to classic soul music, Staples Singers, Pops Staples, great songwriters like Jason Isbell…… but the blues is always part of it, if I will or not:-D 

WRR.: You are together with some nice musicians. Are they also involved in the writing process? 
HH.: Yeah, I have a great band, they are all killer musicians who play with people and are familiar with many genres. They haven’t been as much involved as I would have liked but it was mainly because of a tight schedule and so little time to prepare and co-write before the recording. Most of the songs are my ideas and I’ve finished/co-written them with Bill Troiani who I’ve worked with for several other albums for Billy T Band and Joakim Tinderholt Band. 
WRR.: The sound of your record comes also by using the gear you use. Can you tell a bit more about the guitar(s) and amps you have used for this record? 
HH.: I’ve played a lot of blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll over the years and used different guitars and amps. I have some old Stratotone guitars I use on and off, mainly an old H44 with 2PU, and I have a parts Tele with the early 50s specs + a great Gibson Custom SG with 2PUs. And I used a Gibson Gold Top with P90s for the title tune “Nights at the Surf Motel”. On most of the recording I used my old ragged Fender Tweed Deluxe from ’57. It’s really road worn but sounds great. It started to make a lot of noise at the end of the recording so I think it need som TLC:-D But I don’t think you hear that much of it on the final recording, in case it just adds to the ambiance:-) 
It’s mostly plug and play + reverb and tremolo….. I’ve might have used a distortion or boost on some of the more distorted stuff….. 

WRR.: If you could give Nights At The Surf Motel to anyone around the world. Who will get it and why? 
HH.: Ooh, that’s a tuff on! Who could it be? I guess to anyone who appreciate organic music and hopefully enjoys good songs:-)

WRR.: Normally I end an interview with asking about the upcoming plans. Now that is a bit difficult. So, what is the first thing you will do after the corona crisis and why? 
HH.: Yes, these days I’m mostly stuck inside with the family trying to work a little bit on and off and entertaining my two daughters (4 years and 7 mnds). It’s not that easy to get much done, so I’m looking forward to go out and play again. I’ve actually been on tour a couple of times in Belgium/Netherlands playing with Joakim Tinderholt. Lat year I played the Moulin Blues in Ospel with both Joakim Tinderholt and Billy T Band. It would be great to comae back and play some gigs with my own band:-) Thanks again, stay safe and healty and be sure be cool:-)Best regards, 

Håkon Høye
Oslo, Norway

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