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Primal Age – Interview

Leestijd: 4 minuten

Het heeft lang geduurd, maar eerder dit jaar verscheen dan eindelijk de nieuwe plaat van Primal Age. Masked Enemy zag het licht via het Nederlandse WTF Records. Genoeg redenen om een interview te hebben met Primal Age.

White Room Reviews sprak voor dat interview met Primal Age (PXA) Dimitri. Dat hij ook aan andere partijen daarbij dacht, blijkt in de antwoorden. Lees hieronder snel het interview en zet ondertussen Masked Enemy op standje elf aan.

WRR: It took a long time since The Gearwheels Of Time  to release a record. Why did it take so long?
PXA : It’s often the case with us. First of all, we want the best result, so we take all the time we need to. When we read the reviews, all the tracks are mentioned, we see a good sign in it. The other reason is the changing of some members and many shows to do for a non profesionnal band.

WRR: Is making and writing music still the same as in the early days? And what changed?
PXA : In our 28 years story we had more than one guy writing the music. For the last 15 years it’s the same process. I make some tracks and one guitarist the others (always a new one). This time Flo who plays with us for 6 years did a really good job. Our collaboration was awesome. We also had a huge help for the drum : Rudy from Explicit Silence has been very important in this project. After that I do the singing lines.

WTF Records

WRR: Masked Enemy is released through WTF Records, a Dutch label. How did you come up with this?Tim / WTF : When I heard the  ‘Masked Enemy’ demo, I was blown away. The songs got stuck in my head right away. I was intrigued by the balance of the album, combining great technical skill without becoming too polished. Primal Age’s debut EP ‘The Light To Purify’ was amongst the first ever releases I carried in my Distro back in 1999. I still remember those days and hold them dear. For me personally it felt like an honour to have this experienced band on my label. A band that persists and grows without losing integrity. A band that aims to inspire people, spark a light. It felt like it had to happen.

We connected and discussed possibilities for the LP and CD version. These talks were nice on a personal level, I feel we connected, while at the same time we also shared focus and vision to make a great product. I’m very proud of the result and glad that the band feels the same. First response from fans and press is overwelming too.

Up to the next chapter, hopefully Primal Age can present the album on stage soon! The band has a great history playing big and small festivals as well as clubshows and tours. I know they are ready and eager to hit the stage again with this new album to present.

Primal Age interview Dimitri

Wise Old Man

WRR: In ‘Wise Old Man’ you use the words of an Indian man. What was the experience with that meeting? 
PXA : Just a fiction actually, not a real meeting)). It’s the first lyrics I wrote 4 years ago for this album. Since I was a child I feel interested in knowing the way of life of indians. Even at school I prefered to study about the different tribes, where and how they were living than learning the history lessons my teacher gave to me.The first words come from a famous citation of Sitting Bull, my Wise Old Man. A great civilization which was very close of Nature has been killed and consumption took place over.

WRR: You have influenced a lot of musicians during the years. Are there also new acts you think the world have to check?
PXA : It’s a pleasure if it’s the case. We just know few guys who said that to us. For the rest, the situation, we need an urgent change of direction. We can’t stay like that so long. We don’t want to give any lesson, but we can’t neither stay quiet. Our system produces consummers, which is sad. The awakening of consciousness is a low process and we try deliver this message. Music is a powerful media. We are like this because of our elders too. Thanxxx to them for helping us to grow.

Next year

6. What are the plans for the rest of the year?

PXA : We hope having the chance to play live. We are bored staying at home and can’t wait to play with this album we want to share so much. And we have a new drummer, Miguel. We felt the lake during this shitty period. Now, we have so much energy and we feel the need being on the road again. Let us play !!!

Primal Age - Masked Enemy






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