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Tyra – Interview

Leestijd: 4 minuten

Onlangs kwam van de Luxemburgse Tyra haar eerste EP uit. Redemption is een release met zeven tracks die genoeg redenen geven om eens met deze dame uit het Groothertogdom in gesprek te gaan. White Room Reviews had daarom per mail een kort interview met Tyra.

Het interview met Tyra gaat niet alleen over haar huidige release, maar geeft ook een beeld van hoe zij is en wat er nog verwacht kan gaan worden. Deze artiest bracht namelijk voorheen alleen singles uit. Heeft ze daar nog een voorkeur voor? Lees het snel.

Tyra for White Room

Het interview met Tyra

WRR: ‘Although you have a lot of streamings online, not everyone is familiar with Tyra yet. Please introduce yourself.’
T,: ‘Hey I’m Tyra, a 27 year old Singer Songwriter from Luxembourg. I’ve been releasing music since 2017 but I’ve already been running around with my fisherprice recorder since I was 3 years old. I’ve always been the little entertainer at home and took the leap to live for some time near Salzburg to start building a professional career, where I not only started to write my own songs but also started playing the piano. Music has always been my safe haven as it is an outlet for all my emotions. I could never imagine a life without being able to create.’

Een heavy periode

WRR: ‘The EP Redemption is about a heavy period in your life. How did you transfer this into music?’
T.: ‘I’m very grateful to be working with my producer and friend Ulrich Hilbel who has been the main producer on Redemption apart from the song „In Your Eyes“. The studio sessions felt like therapy, we talked and tried to create something beautiful out of all these heavy emotions. „Redemption“ felt like writing all the sadness off of my soul, I was able to verbalize everything that was going on inside my mind and my heart to lift the heaviness I was feeling at that time. ‘

The songs all represent different emotions from different stages of a very toxic relationship to especially „SOS“ which was written after a little writersblock because I felt extremely lost and stuck. Uli and I have this special way of working where there’s an exchange of a lot of trust that my lyrics and his compositions just flow effortlessly together with sessions that sometimes lasted from 3pm to 5am. I also wanted the Cover to represent this vulnerability and darkness as if I was baring my raw soul.

De rol van ouders en singles of ep’s

WRR: ‘Your sound contains a lot of hints to famous artist, but who are inspiring you?’
T.: ‘Thanks to parents with very good music taste, I grew up with a lot of different influences. My Dad listened to a lot of Phil Collins and Genesis where as my Mom loved Billy Idol, Zucchero and all the Eurodance hits. George Michael, Seal, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and also german artists like Clueso and Elif are inspiring me a lot.’

WRR: ‘Before you were just releasing singles. Now you have this EP, will this bring you in the future more EP’s or do you prefer spreading singles?’
T.: ‘This is something I’m currently debating. I’m already working on new music and I do have a whole concept for a new EP in my mind but I’m not sure yet what will happen. There’s already a new Song that only needs to be mastered which will either stand for itself as a Single or be the leading one of a new EP. I definitely would love to bring out more EP’s in the future as it represents a whole story and feels much more wholesome and personal instead of trying to create the perfect radio single. It gives much more creative room especially for the creation of songs like „House of Glass“ or „SOS“.

En nu

WRR: ‘What can we expect the upcoming months from you? Are you also going to tour to promote this record?’
T.: ‘The upcoming months will be filled with making new music and testing out some new and different influences for the upcoming Era as I like to call it. A tour is currently not planned yet but there are some concerts on the horizon around summertime that I’m excited about, to finally perform all my songs on stage.’

De EP van Tyra is het verkrijgen via haar website. Daar kunnen ook onder andere de andere singles van haar gevonden worden. Check it out.

Tyra - Redemption EP


  1. In Your Eyes
  2. Underwater
  3. Karma
  4. Heavenly Way To Sin
  5. Dream Girl
  6. House Of Glass
  7. SOS



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