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Gone In April heeft video voor ‘Haven’

De symfonische death metal band Gone In April heeft voor hun nummer ‘Haven’ een video online gezet. Dat nummer is te vinden op de meest recente langspeler van de band. Die plaat is genaamd Shards Of Light en kwam uit in september van 2019.

De video voor ‘Haven’ van Gone In April is opgenomen in ‘The Great Saltpetre Cave’. Dat is een imposante kalksteengrot in het Amerikaanse Rockcastle County. De video is gemaakt door Thomas Mortveit. Die Noorse regisseur heeft goed werk geleverd. Check de onderstaande video maar.


“Before recording our album ‘Shards of Light’,” zegt zangeres-violiste Julie Bélanger Roy, “we scouted many locations for our music videos. We wrote the lyrics of some of our songs specifically with the chosen locations in mind, framing our stories around these environments. We heard about the Great Saltpetre Cave from a friend whose father used to offer oil lamp guided tours of the cave.

After a warm welcome from the members of the preserve who kindly allowed us to film in the cave, we were absolutely amazed by the monumental size of the main room, a stunning 165′ long x 65′ wide x 50′ high, enough to comfortably sit 1500 people. A few spins of the imagination, and we write a song about a fast-spreading virus, the need for a safe haven for a large body of people while they wait for the virus to die off, a few years spent underground, and a new world when everybody emerges from the cave. Little did we know what was coming our way when we recorded this song. As we finally start to see the end of this worldwide crisis, we feel that the time has come to release Haven, and hopefully find our version of a new world.

As the battle and anguish cease
And our hearts filled with peace
Horizon reborn
A new world


De symfonische death metal band Gone In April is opgericht in 2010. Een jaar later kwam hun debuutalbum uit. Sinds 2015 is niemand minder dan Steve DiGiorgio de bassist van dienst. Deze legendarische bassist is natuurlijk bekend van onder ander andere Death en Testament. Met hem in de gelederen kwam in 2016 Threads Of Existence en in 2019 Shards Of Light uit. 

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