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Politieke punk Anti-Flag vol op toeren

Er breken mooie tijden aan voor iedereen die de politieke punkers van Anti-Flag een warm hart toedraagt. Op 17 januari zal de langspeler 20/20 Vision via Spinefarm Records op de wereld worden gezet.

Van dat album is inmiddels de single ‘Unbreakable’ online geknald. Die video is gemaakt door The Critics Company. Dat is een collectief van jonge filmmakers uit Nigeria die de boodschap belangrijk vinden.

Bassist/vocalist, Chris #2, zegt: “I saw this on Twitter and I thought there was nothing more in the spirit of punk rock, of DIY ethics, than what these kids were doing. As their story began to spread and people from Anti-Flag to JJ Abrams were celebrating these kids, I thought ask them if they’d want to make a music video. They said yes, immediately, even in the chaos of them going from 100 followers to over 10,000 in a day. This to me is what technology, the internet, all of the things that have been exploited to gain the powerful more power, were supposed to do. Bring us together, give us creative outlets, erase borders, economic divisions, and racial barriers. The video is their story. In the face of being told that kids from Africa don’t make movies, that you need professional equipment, and through your family having immense pressure to find the daily things needed to survive. Follow your passion. Creation is an action, not a reaction. It’s also coincidentally the over-arching theme of the song, written by 4 people on the other side of the world, with insanely different lifestyles and backgrounds than The Critics Company, but share the same solidarity.”

The Critics Company voegt toe: “The music video basically explains our journey and story so far.  We went through a lot just trying to create. We made the whole story short film style and basically just interpreted how being focused, consistent, strong-willed, and determined can help you reach your goal.”

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