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Dråp – interview

Leestijd: 3 minuten

Op maandag 11 september organiseert White Room Reviews een nieuwe editie van Loud & Heavy. Ditmaal staat de death metal in het zonnetje. Misschien wel de meest onbekende band voor het leeuwendeel van het publiek is Dråp en juist daarom had White Room Reviews een interview met de band. Zanger Lyngfelt is aan het woord.

Het interview

WRR: “People here don’t know Dråp, so please introduce yourself.”
L.: “The word Dråp itself is a legal term in Swedish for killing someone but not with the intension of murder, for example killing in selfe-defense. We are a death/grind band from Sundsvall, Sweden, ready to deliver hatred for a lifetime.”


WRR: “Your sound contains beside the death metal also influences from the crust. What do you use as inspiration to get to this sound?”

L.: “We play music that we want to listen to ourselves, and we all have very different taste. The main theme is that it needs to be aggressive. D-beat is such a good ingredient to keep the songs intensive, that you can find in other bands like Napalm Death. (Among many others) Lyricwise it has been different between albums, first album ‘En Naturlig Död’ (A Natural Death), it has almost a more personal singer/songwriter approach, dedicated to my mother that passed away when i was younger. The second album ‘Roten Till Allt Ont’ (The Root Of All Evil) we zoomed out a bit, focused more on more global issues. We have a third album coming out hopefully later this year, that will have a theme of sleep paralysis, called ‘ILLSKEPNAD’. (A word for something that you can see clearly but still cant make out what you are watching).”


WRR: “What do you expect of playing in The Netherlands?”

L.: “We´ve never played in The Netherlands before, but playing abroad people usally appreciates our sound a lot and are very curious about our lyrics that is in our native language. Its harder for us playing in Sweden since we dont stick to one specific subgenre. “Too punk for the metalheads and too metal for the punks”. We will see what Netherlands has to offer, looking forward to it!”

WRR: “You are on tour with Gluttony. What does Gluttony mean to you?”

L.: “We have known each other for years and comes from the same city, they are a bit older and for me personally one of my first local shows i went to was a band with most of the same members called ‘My Own Grave’. Awesome individuals in Gluttony and it will be a banger to see them live every night for this run, their style of hm2-style death metal is just outstanding.”

Bier en wat te verwachten

WRR: “The beer question. Swedish musicians are always happy to play in foreign countries because of the beer prices. So, what is your favorite beer on tour and after a show?”

L.: “You might asking the wrong guy in the band hehe, i usally prefer hard liquor. But local brewed beers is always more interesting rather than the bigger brands.”

WRR: “What can we expect from Dråp on stage at nine eleven 23 in Musicon The Hague?”

L.: “As i stated before, you can expect 30 minutes of hatred for a lifetime. If you had a rough time recently or just pissed off in general, save that energy for the release we will share in this aggressive and dark live-perfomance. Cheers!”


VVK: €11, via de site van Musicon
Deur: €15


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