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Cloud Baby – Interview

Recent bracht de Amerikaanse band Cloud Baby de single ‘Blocks‘ uit. De fijne sound van het nummer doet denken aan een mix van The Cardigans en Lana Del Rey. ‘Blocks’ was een mooie reden om frontvrouw Jenna Scott (JS) van Cloud Baby te onderwerpen aan een kort interview.

Jenna Scott

Jenna Scott Cloud Baby White Room Reviews

WRR: ‘First, please introduce yourself and Cloud Baby?’
JS.: Hi, I’m Jenna Scott and this is my group, Cloud Baby. We consist of myself, Cole Anderson, Timothy Ryssemus, and Greg Graves.’

WRR: ‘The single ‘Blocks’ sounds a bit like The Cardigans meets Lana Del Rey. Are they also inspiration to you, or do you get your inspiration somewhere else?’
JS: ‘They are definitely both inspirations for us, especially The Cardigans. We always loved how they could combine commercial sounding pop with experimental elements, and how they consistently made music that was exactly how they wanted to make music, rather than trying to fit a mold. I think we also take aesthetic influence from them. More influences have come from acts like Robyn, Kali Uchis, Mazzy Star, Yo La Tengo, and even Frank Ocean (not really in the sonic sense, but more-so how he can capture a moment and that nostalgic feeling so well).’

Future & more

WRR: ‘What can we expect after this single from Cloud Baby? And will new music sound the same?’
JS: We plan on releasing several more singles throughout the year/into next year. The first full project will likely be an EP. Blocks is the first single because we felt like it encompassed our sound from both ends of the spectrum. We have one end of that spectrum that consists of singles that are very dance-y, poppy, and fun, and the opposite end of the spectrum with singles that are very calm, experimental, and a little darker.’

WRR: ‘Now with Covid-19, how are you going to promote your music?’
JS: ‘It’s hard because we can’t play shows. We’re trying our best at online marketing for now, and probably going to try our go at Tik-Tok (lol). As soon as it’s safe to do so, we definitely want to play shows in and around Nashville and grow our audience in that way.’

WRR: ‘Where will Cloud Baby be in five years?’
JS: ‘I’ve actually been manifesting this one, hahaha. I see us playing headlining tours, but maintaining that niche fanbase so it always stays intimate. All I’ve ever wanted is to be able to survive and make a living off of music alone— so that’s where I’d like us to be.’



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